Employee Relations Services

NASCOE Employee Relations Services (ERS) are one of many benefits available to NASCOE members.  ERS benefits are designed to confidentially assist and guide members who are in need of advice, education or legal services regarding employment and human relations type of issues. There are two types of services available to NASCOE members; consultation and attorney access.

Consultation is available to both full regular members and associate members. Attorney services are made available to full regular NASCOE members only. Requests for services must be determined meritorious by the NASCOE Vice-President. All requests will be given fair and timely consideration.

FSA personnel handbooks encourage persons dealing with personnel issues and disagreements to resolve them at the “lowest level.” To be consistent with handbook procedure, NASCOE offers consultation services to members as an attempt to resolve issues rapidly at the local level, by way of communication and education.  Consultations are generally with the NASCOE Officers or other members who have subject matter expertise. Through agreements and procedures outlined in FSA Handbooks, NASCOE can work with employees, State Offices and the National Office to advise, guide or mediate on employee issues.

When determined necessary, the NASCOE attorney can be consulted for certain cases. Meritorious cases may receive up to one free hour of attorney services paid for by NASCOE. After one free hour is used, employees can pay to retain the NASCOE attorney at the NASCOE approved rate. The NASCOE attorney benefit is available on a “per instance” basis. Some examples of eligible NASCOE Attorney items may include: adverse personnel actions, harassment or undesirable working conditions.

Most employee concerns brought to NASCOE result in consultation as a solution. In these cases, issues are resolved through NASCOE by advising affected parties of handbook procedure that is not being followed. Other times, NASCOE can help in a mediation capacity by visiting with officials in State Offices or in WDC. There are times when NASCOE services do not help at all and other cases where NASCOE helps secure the best alternative from a list of several bad options. Although the results were not optimal in these cases, NASCOE would have exhausted resources to the fullest extent in an attempt to resolve the situation.

There are several steps in the application process for members who are applying for NASCOE ERS benefits.

Requests must include the following information:

  1. A copy of the adverse action letter
  2. Running record of events leading up to the adverse action

Requestors should first send the request to their State Association President; HOWEVER, if privacy concerns exist, they may send the request for to the Area Executive or the NASCOE Vice-President. All requests that are not sent to the State President will need to be justified. Contact information for NASCOE Area Leadership can be found on the NASCOE website.