FEDS Professional Liability Insurance

Federal Employee Defense Services (FEDS) provides Professional Liability Insurance for supervisors. CED’s and Program Technicians-In-Charge are considered supervisor positions by the agency, and therefore, are eligible for reimbursement of 50 percent the annual cost of professional liability insurance premium cost.

As supervisors, your judgement calls will be scrutinized with 20/20 hindsight. Whether you are on the front lines of a crisis or you are providing other essential services, products, oversight or protection, you will be examined. As part of your duties, you will make decisions, take actions, take inaction, devise telework directives, etc. These choices will come under scrutiny when finger pointing and calls for accountability begin. This is especially true as County Office managers make decisions related to new programs that are rushed to be implemented or decisions related to COVID-19. FEDS have defended your coworkers in the past and they will now be here for County Office managers as well.

Applying is easy, simply go to https://www.fedsprotection.com/. NASCOE members can receive a promotional code to receive a discount on this product.

Contact National Benefits Chair, Travis Eisele, for information to receive the promotional code for the discount.


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